ACP Japan, became Amazon’s SPN provider as qualified ACP service provider.

ACP Japan (SK Advisory) has officially become a qualified ACP service provider in Amazon’s Service Provider Network (SPN) under the Compliance category.
The service provider in SPN is qualified officially by Amazon, has a role to support Amazon Sellers. We are registered in the “Compliance Category” and supporting Amazon Sellers especially to provide ACP/IOR service to fulfill Japanese import regulations.

Why ACP service is necessary?

In Japan, Customs law does not permit foreign entities (non-resident) to act as the Importer of Record (IOR). Having said that, the non-resident can import to Japan by using “Attorney for Customs Procedures (ACP)”. The basic process is that the non-resident importer (NRI) applies to Japan Customs, requesting that the ACP act on its behalf to import into Japan. Once the application is approved, the NRI may engage the ACP to import on its behalf. We provide the service as being ACP then manage the import customs procedures on behalf of NRI.

Our ACP Service (Attorney for Customs Procedures)

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