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ACP/IOR Service – Attorney for Customs Procedure/Importer of Record Service


The Chillafish Company – Belgium based company, producing toys including Balance Bikes.


SkyPAD – Denmark based company, stylish Glass mouse-pad, for gaming professionals.


Shock Hosting LLC – US-based company providing Network, Hosting service – utilized ACP service for the import of computer servers and related goods to Japan. The purpose of the import was internal usage.

“It has been a pleasure working with ACP Japan on importing several shipments into Japan.  From start to finish the service and communication has been excellent and we are looking forward to importing additional shipments with ACP Japan in the future.  We would definitely recommend their services to anyone needing to navigate the complicated customs process in Japan.”


Tree Monkey Music – Umami Life Limited in New Zealand – Amazon Seller, used the ACP service for the import of music guitar accessories to Japan.

“We were struggling to find the right advice and ACP representative to assist our importing needs for Japan. Once we started working with SK Advisory our problems were solved. They provided timely and effective advice, worked efficiently with our freight forwarder and took care of all of the paperwork, the process became seamless. I highly recommend them, and will certainly be working with them again.”


TrendyValley Collections – Agape Analytics Sdn Bhd in Malaysia – Amazon Seller, utilized ACP service for the import of Baby/Maternity clothes to Japan.

“ACP Japan provides clear and precise information and templates that need to be filled and submitted for the ACP application. The whole application process went smoothly and I would also like to thank him for helping me to guide the logistics company in Japan for sending my products to Amazon FBA.”


Exit Technologies in Canada – Amazon Seller, used ACP service for the import of Computer/Mouse Emulators to Japan.

“ACP Japan was very professional and helped us make an otherwise daunting process seem simple and easy. He promptly responds to inquiries so we were able to get this arranged for a package already in-transit for Japan.”




Guidance by Amazon

According to the seller central website in Amazon, there is a guidance by Amazon that non-resident entity needs to appoint an ACP or IOR. You may check on this “Non-resident requirements”. Also, you can check the document developed by Amazon “Understand ACP and IOR guidance”.   —–



Our ACP Service (Attorney for Customs Procedures)

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