ACP’s limitation – Import to Japan

ACP, is not capable to handle all kinds of goods.

If the goods are subject to specific regulations such as Food Sanitation Act, Act on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, or PSE/PSC it shall not allow to import by appointing ACP.

The said regulations have a requirement for the importers should be a Japanese resident entity. On the other hand, if a non-resident entity uses ACP for their import, it means that the non-resident entity becomes an importer. For that reason, for particular products that are subject to the previously mentioned regulations, it does not allow to import by appointing ACP.

Therefore, we check the eligibility as a first step, to avoid any restrictions for the importing goods.


Japanese import related regulations

Let us introduce several websites regarding import related regulations, so that you can understand and follow the required compliance before shipping goods to Japan.




Electrical appliances

Plants and their seeds

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Guidance by Amazon

According to the seller central website in Amazon, there is a guidance by Amazon that non-resident entity needs to appoint an ACP or IOR. You may check on this “Non-resident requirements”. Also, you can check the document developed by Amazon “Understand ACP and IOR guidance”.   —–


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