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“ACP Japan” is a service brand/platform managed by SK Advisory, Inc – one of the reliable ACP service providers. CEO in SK Advisory, qualified Customs Specialist in Japan can support your import business as being ACP.

Company Name SK Advisory, Inc
CEO Mr. SAWADA Keisuke
Address 7-7-2-1905, Kamiochiai, Chuuouku, Saitama-city, Saitama, Japan
Tel +81-8025677140
E-mail sk@sk-advisory.jp
Website https://skadvisory.jp/en/
Establish Year 2020
Business ・ Trade & Customs, FTA Consulting Service
・ Attorney for Customs Procedure (ACP) & Tax Representative Service
・ HS Classification Service   etc.
Official Amazon’s SPN (Service Provider Network) under the Compliance category

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