IOR Service

What is IOR – Importer of Record?

When you export goods to Japan, for import, there must be an Importer of Record (IOR) in place. The importer, in principle, shall be a Japanese resident person/entity who’s responsible for taxes, customs duties, and all the compliance issued regarding Japanese laws and regulations for the imported goods.

Our IOR service

Our ACP service can be regarded as the IOR service. We’re serving as an ACP (Attorney for Customs Procedure), by this, the non-resident entity (based in outside of Japan) can import the goods by themselves as being Importer – IOR.

The structure of our ACP/IOR service is as follows.

We coordinate with a logistics provider and Japan Customs to ensure the client’s goods to import in timely and compliance manner.

Our credentials

We are providing ACP/IOR service to many overseas clients for their import projects. In many cases, we support the clients who would like to import the goods to Amazon Fulfillment Center in Japan under the FBA program. But also we have other clients  who would like to import for their selling to the customer in Japan under the DDP/DAP contract, or their internal use purpose.