Amazon won’t become an IOR

Amazon won’t become an IOR

In fact, many Amazon FBA sellers make a mistake by appointing Amazon as the IOR (Importer of Record) for their shipment…
FBA sellers export by writing Amazon’s name in the IOR or Consignee in the shipping documents including the invoice.
This is the most frequent mistake we observe in practice.
Please be careful, Amazon officially states that they won’t become an IOR in Japan.

Can logistics providers (DHL, FEDEX, UPS etc…) be IOR?

No, they can’t.

What should I do?

If you want to be IOR, you have to appoint an ACP (Attorney For Customs Procedure) who can handle the customs clearance on behalf of the non-resident entity. 

We observe many cases where goods are stuck in Japan Customs because of the lack of IOR. If your goods are held in Customs, we can help to clear the goods by acting ACP.

Please visit our ACP service page, or contact us. We’re happy to help you.

Our service of ACP – Attorney for Customs Procedure


You can also check with our YouTube – “Do not appoint Amazon Japan as an IOR for your shipment!”

What would happen if Amazon sellers appoint Amazon Japan as the IOR

Let’s look at the scenario if Amazon sellers ship their inventory to Japan by appointing Amazon Japan as the IOR. In the country where you’re making a shipment, the logistics providers do not know well about the trade restrictions in Japan side. Therefore, the logistics providers the Amazon sellers use don’t stop your export procedure, even if you write Amazon Japan as IOR in the invoice. However, most logistics providers in Japan know that Amazon Japan won’t be the IOR.

So, after the goods arrive in Japan, the logistics providers on the Japanese side, start saying that your goods can’t proceed with import clearance. In many cases, the logistics providers are trying to ship back the goods to your place. And you need to pay for the unnecessary shipping fees. If your designated logistics provider is kind, they would instruct you that you need to find an ACP or another IOR. But they can store your goods only for a short period.

We can support your urgent request, but better to prepare beforehand

In this way, our company often receives an urgent requests from Amazon FBA sellers. The sellers often tell us that the inventories are stuck in Japan Customs because of the wrong information of IOR. Our company can help such a situation, by promptly proceeding with ACP registration as well as making communication with the logistics provider to wait for the registration process to ensure that they won’t ship back the goods to sellers. But of course, it’s better to properly appoint an ACP or IOR before shipment, so that you don’t have to worry about the ship back issues.

ACP Service, Attorney for Customs Procedure


Amazon’s Frequently Asked Questions from Overseas Sellers

Q1: Can I register as an importer of record when I export my products? A: No. Amazon cannot be an importer of record for FBA shipments. Please contact Attorney for Customs Procedure (ACP). We have a list of 3rd party service providers who can help you with FBA shipments.



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