ACP’s application

To officially appoint ACP, the designated application form “C7500” by Japan Customs shall be necessary to submit.

To which Customs Office it shall submit is, depending on the arrival port. If the import goods arrives on Narita or Haneda airport, there are covered by Tokyo Customs, so the application should be submitted to Tokyo Customs.

In addition to the designated application form “C7500”, the following information also need to submit :

  • Power of Attorney
  • Company Registry
  • The calculation method of Customs Valuation
  • Explanatory materials regarding Company profile, Catalog of the import goods, business/logistic flow

When we support, ACP Japan prepares the explanatory materials for the Customs Valuation, pricing of Tax Base.

Please be careful, in recent Japan Customs has been becoming more strict for ACP’s registration, since there are many cases (problem) are seen in terms of in-appropriate customs valuation setting.

Please carefully to select ACP, it shall be recommended to appoint an ACP, who is familiar with Customs issues especially including Customs Valuation perspective.

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